Quality Improvement

The South West LHIN believes a culture of quality is critical to support a healthcare system that provides quality care for individuals throughout the South West LHIN. Quality improvement is a catalyst for change and provides an approach to developing more effective and better aligned initiatives. Quality improvement efforts require continuous and sustained involvement from all stakeholders to improve the healthcare system.

The Quality Advisory Group (QAG) guides the South West LHIN’s Quality Improvement approach. In 2011/12, the QAG developed the Quality Improvement Enabling Framework (QIEF) to define the work of the advisory group and help promote quality improvement throughout the South West LHIN. The Quest for Quality site provides a number of tools, resources and success stories to support health service providers in their quality improvement efforts. If you have a quality improvement success story to share, please contact Rachel Stack at rachel.stack@lhins.on.ca. 

The South West LHIN efforts align with, complement and link to a number of provincial and regional efforts: 

  • Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA) – ECFAA was passed to ensure Ontarians receive health care of the highest possible quality and value. ECFAA is based on the following principles:
    • The patient is the centre of the health care system.
    • Decisions about patient care are based on the best evidence and standards.
    • The health care system is focused on the quality of care and best use of resources.
    • The main goal of the health care system is to get better and better at what it does.
  • Health Quality Ontario(HQO) – Health Quality Ontario’s mission is to transform the healthcare system by creating greater public accountability, ensuring executives, clinicians and healthcare organizations focus on quality, increasing the patient’s voice in shaping the system and increasing access to health evidence. HQO provides information about health evidence, public reporting and links to a number of provincial QI initiatives and resources.
  • Quality Compass- HQO’s Quality Compass is a searchable tool centered around priority health care topics with a focus on best practices, change ideas linked with indicators, targets and measures, and tools and resources to bridge gaps in care and improve the uptake of best practices.
  • Partnering for Quality– Partnering for Quality supports system-level quality improvements in chronic disease care across primary care and other providers in the health system. 
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement(IHI) - While not provincial or regional, the South West LHIN’s efforts related to quality improvement are influenced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. The IHI site provides a wealth of information and tools about healthcare improvement initiatives, including information about the ‘Triple Aim’ – concurrent efforts to improve the patient experience of care, improve the health of populations, and reduce the per capita cost of health care.

Quality Symposium

The Quality Symposium is an annual event hosted by the South West LHIN to bring together approximately 400 health service providers, governors, leaders and partners from all sectors across our region. The aim of the event is to educate and inspire participants in their efforts to promote a culture of quality.

Quality Improvement Enabling Framework (QIEF)

Developed by the Quality Advisory Group, the Quality Improvement Enabling Framework(QIEF) was developed to guide the South West LHIN quality improvement activities. The Quality Improvement Enabling Framework (QIEF), developed by the QAG in 2011/12, provides a foundation for the work of the advisory group. The framework has been successfully applied at the health service provider level as a way to develop more effective and better aligned initiatives as part of their organization’s ongoing quality improvement efforts.

Click here to watch a presentation on the Quality Improvement Enabling Framework from the 2012 Quality Symposium.

If you have a story to share about how your organization has used the QIEF, please contact Rachel Stack at rachel.stack@lhins.on.ca.  

Experience Based Design

The experience based design approach is about using experience to gain insights from which you can identify and co-design opportunities for improvement. It is about understanding the emotional journey in our healthcare system and designing an improved healthcare experience.