Requirements and Obligations for French Language Health Services

FLS CoverThe Guide to Requirements and Obligations Relating to French Language Health Services (FLHS) is designed to help strengthen health system performance and accountability, and also support improved reporting on how FLHS are being delivered across the province.

The Guide to FLHS will also help clarify the respective roles and responsibilities of the ministry, Ontario Health West (formerly the LHINs), French Language Health Planning Entities (Entities) and Health Service Providers (HSPs) outlined in current legislative provisions and accountability instruments relating to FLHS. The Guide to FLHS will be a useful tool for informing the leadership of these organizations with regard to their FLHS obligations.

The ministry’s expectation is that we work to fulfill the requirements and obligations in the Guide to FLHS. We are also expected to inform HSPs and contracted service providers of their requirements and obligations and to ensure that these requirements are reflected in respective agreements.

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