The Health System Design Blueprint – Vision 2022

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What is the 'Blueprint'?

The Health System Design Blueprint – Vision 2022 (“Blueprint”) is the South West LHIN’s long-term vision for the health care system.  The Blueprint outlines the goals and strategies that will guide the LHIN as we create a single, unified system of health care.

During the first three years of the LHIN’s work, it became clear that a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the current state of health care services was required, as well as a plan to attain a more integrated system.  The Blueprint -- developed in collaboration with all our stakeholders, including local health service providers -- outlines the structure of the current health system and allows us to begin the work of creating one that makes better use of our existing resources and anticipates needed changes. 

What is the goal of the 'Blueprint'

The main goal of the Blueprint is to ensure that all programs and services are part of a single, unified health system that creates clear roles and responsibilities for organizations and shows how they will work together to care for the population.  The goal of a more integrated system reflects the findings in the current state analysis and recognizes the challenges the health care system is currently facing including inequitable distribution of resources, problems finding adequate numbers of skilled staff, funding limitations, inability to smoothly move patients from one care setting to another, and the inability to easily share information between organizations.  The Blueprint is a response to these limitations in the current health care system and will result in significant benefits.

For providers, patients and families the benefits of the new system will be more collaborative partnerships across health care providers and sectors, an equitable distribution of resources that improves your ability to get care closer to home as often as possible, improved referral processes for easier transfer of individuals, standardized evidence-based approaches to care provision, improved information sharing to enable better decision making, greater individual accountability and self-health management, prevention and screening for chronic diseases, mental health and addictions.  To achieve these benefits required that the Blueprint’s vision for the system be developed.

The goal of an Integrated Health System of Care is at the core of the South West LHIN’s vision for the health care system.  Because there are many different types of organizations in the health care system, such as hospitals, long-term care homes and community agencies, the Integrated Health System of Care will use two approaches for organizing services to ensure the needs of communities are met:

  1. The Population-based Integrated Health Services approach, which is tailored to the needs of the local community and helps people manage their own health and maintain their independence.  This generally refers to the services one would expect to find in the community such as primary care physicians, long-term care homes, chronic disease prevention and management services and emergency services.
  2. The Centrally Coordinated Resource Capacity approach seeks to improve the use of key resources in the system to help advance health and wellness at the local level and the flow of patients through the system to the right type of care.  The services targeted for improvements are surgical, medicine, critical care and ambulatory services.

Both of these service delivery approaches recognize that some services are delivered best in the local community, some will be present across several communities and highly complex services will only be available in specialized locations.  These approaches will be supplemented by our enabling priorities involving information and clinical technology, improved system navigation, strategies for health human resources and Blueprint implementation and accountability frameworks.

The Blueprint is a strong first step towards realizing a better health care system that can meet the needs and demands of our population in a sustainable way, creating a more integrated comprehensive system that puts the needs of the patient first. 

With the Blueprint providing the structure for the long-term vision of the health care system, changing the system to align with the Blueprint will require the South West LHIN to work collaboratively with providers to implement the actions that will get us there.  The LHIN’s new Integrated Health Service Plan 2010-2013 contains the key priorities, actions and strategies that will move us forward.


Appendix A - Programmatic Chapter Summaries (Mental Health and Addictions, Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, Long Term Care Services and Complex Continuing Care, Medicine Services; Surgical Services, Critical Care Services, Emergency Services, Women's Health and Paediatrics)

Appendix B - South West LHIN Vision, Mission, Values, and System Level Goals

Appendix C - Approach and Methodology 

Appendix D - Service Delivery Approaches

Appendix E - Implementation Elements 

Appendix F - Glossary of Terms

Appendix G - Steering Committee Membership 

Appendix H - Technical Report including current state report, future state report, and order of magnitude analysis 

Appendix I - Peer Models of Care Report