Grey Bruce Sub-region Integration Table

Tolleen Parkin

Tolleen Parkin, Director, Planning and Integration

Tolleen has worked in the hospital, community and long-term care sectors for over 20 years, and has had leadership roles in both long-term care and in the community. She has a Master’s degree in Health Care Quality, and is strongly committed to enhancing patient experience and driving health system improvement through collaboration, evidence based practices, and stakeholder engagement.

Photo of Keith Dyke

Dr. Keith Dyke, Clinical Lead

Dr. Dyke has been practicing medicine for over 14 years with extensive experience in family medicine, emergency medicine and hospital inpatient care. He has been operating a family practice at the Southampton Medical Clinic since 2002. He is currently the Chief Physician for Bruce Power, a Victoria Order of Nurses (VON) Medical Consultant, and a Coroner for the Province of Ontario. Dr. Dyke was elected President of the Bruce County Medical Society in District 3 of the Ontario Medical Association in 2015. He served as a Board Member and Co-President of Medical Staff at Grey Bruce Health Services for three years, and is an Adjunct Professor with both Western University and the University of Toronto. In 2016, he was awarded the Hollister King Teaching Practices Preceptor Award from the University of Toronto for outstanding teaching.



 Name  Sector
 Barbara West Bartley  Patient/Caregiver
 Vacant Patient/Caregiver
 Steven Vanloffeld
 vacant Indigenous partner
 Megan Garland Long Term Care
 Andy Underwood Community Support Services
 Ian Reich Home and Community Care
 Claude Anderson Mental Health and Addictions
 Gerry Glover Primary Care
 Dr. Elyse Savaria Primary Care Co-Chair
 Paul Rosebush Hospital
 Dr. Ian Arra Public Health 
 Tolleen Parkin Director, Planning and Integration
 Dr. Keith Dyke Sub-region Lead
 Rose Peacock Health System Planner

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